16 Jun WWDC ’09 Roundup
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Wow, that was fun. A couple of awesome days in San Francisco with over half of the Mac and iPhone community walking around, meeting great people, having great food, and even seeing a keynote.


In this post, I quickly summarize my impressions of WWDC, and show off my last photos and an HD movie of the queuing for the keynote, getting some shirts printed, a pigeon, and much more.

In the days between my last blog post and now, I’ve had a pretty crazy time. Staying with my friends Sean and Kat has been fun, and I was always happy to go outside into the sunny neighborhood. Tip for the future: always pick a nice place to stay.


San Francisco was beautiful in general. While the predicted weather wasn’t great, it mostly was very sunny and warm.




I sold a few shirts, got a lot of feedback, met almost everyone I wanted to meet and visited a lot of offices.



Craig from the Iconfactory was a great shirt evangelist. When he first wore my shirt in the Moscone, you sent a lot of email asking if it was on sale already :). To all people who requested a shirt: a store will be up in the next few weeks.

There’s also some footage of the screen printers’ working space and a box of the shirts in the movie at the end of this post.

Picture of Craig with the shirt:


Another pro-tip: get some gifts for the relatives at home. Japantown is a great place for that, not only for ‘otaku’ folk like me – in fact, I surprisingly managed to restrain myself got just one figure, this Revoltech version of the Mass-Produced Evangelion units from the movie “End of Evangelion”:



Some toys were really quite something. Wish I could’ve taken this one home:


Great food and surroundings, too! Places that I’d consider a must-see in Japantown are Japantown Collectibles, in the also quite awesome Japan Center (also known as the Kintetsu Mall), Isobune (they have sushi that’s carried in small boats – yes, boats), and Super 7 Retail, which has some of the coolest shirts.

Some more pictures of Japantown:





I also presented at Cocoaheads. It was a lot of fun to speak there. The only picture I found on Twitter of me presenting:


If you have more, please share them. No recordings were allowed, unfortunately, so I don’t have anything else to share, but if there’s any demand, I can re-record the slides with some improvised recorded audio.

Always fun to do some upgrades there, as well. The whole week was quite new hardware-laden: I got to play around with the Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS, the new laptops, and all sorts of Macs in the WWDC labs.


I did not install the WWDC attendee build of Snow Leopard. Oh wait, perhaps I did.

Yep, totally fun. Will definitely go again. There’s a lot of things coming that I can’t even talk about (yet!). For now, some more pictures:



And to finish the post with a bang: Cocoia WWDC 09, the movie:

Embedded version has some issues at the moment, so click through for the high-resolution Quicktime version below.

Prefer a Flash version? Here’s it on Vimeo. Large resolution version (960 pixels wide) is here. Music is by Ulrich Schnauss, from the album “Goodbye”.

Hope to have as much fun next year. Hope you enjoyed this series of posts!

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  1. 1

    very cool! wish you’d done more posts, tho!

    off to check the movie now :P

  2. “Sweet” shirts, Sebastiaan? ;)

    Nice vid! Can’t wait to go back next year!

  3. 3

    Love the pictures and the video! I’m going to try to be one of the first ones to place an order on the store as I wouldn’t want them to run out… I’m now very sad with myself that I missed you after CocoaHeads – I would have felt more special getting it pre-store-opening. ;)

    I for one would love it if you re-recorded the slides (assuming it’s not that much of a big deal for you).

  4. 4
    Fernando Castro 

    cool stuff to read about! Btw…I soo want that blue shirt!!! :P hope you announce the store opening through twitter :P
    and the slides thing would be cool too if you can :P

  5. 5

    Epic video!

    What’s the name of the artist and the song in the video?

  6. 6

    IS THERE ANY DEMAND FOR YOUR SLIDES?! DUDE. You don’t even need to ask this. Of course there is demand!!

    Please post your Cocoaheads slides with improvised audio for us to see :) And we will spread the word. Hopefully the other Cocoaheads presenters will follow your footsteps.

    Too many of us (including me) didn’t have a chance to go to the US. Not recording this historical event was absurd in the first place imo.

  7. 7

    J: Sorry, edited that in. It’s by Ulrich Schnauss; to be more precise, “Here today, gone tomorrow” (how appropriate) from his album “Goodbye”.

  8. It was awesome getting the opportunity to meet you in person. I wore your shirt yesterday to work and it definitely caught some attention even though I work in a predominately Microsoft run shop (woe is me). Sorry for the bad DoubleTwist pick, I love doing digital design and layout but I’ve never really got into photography (wish I would though). Great talk at CocoaHeads btw.

  9. 9

    hey cocoia! what an awesome video – thanks for making it and posting it! i think i even saw myself in the cocoaheads audience :) definitely, like one of the previous commenters said, post your slides!
    i hope my badge was useful to you on friday afternoon, and i’d love one of those shirts, if/when you get more printed!

  10. 10

    Haha, I’m in your video! Twice! 01:15, about three quarters to the right, between the guy with his jacket over his arms and the guy in the white shirt. I’ve got weird black hair.

    Again at the Bash (on the bridge). Or you can see the back of my head (but once again you can see the same guy with the white shirt). Funny.

  11. That’s an absolutely excellent video! Thanks for posting it!

  12. 12

    That must be fun. I like the pics and vids. Especially the scene with the pigeon. Thanks for sharing!

  13. 13

    Great pics and video! I wonder what camera were u using? Very good quality.

  14. Hey sebastiaan,

    Good bumping into you that evening. Also – great video!

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