16 Apr Currencies by Edovia

Currencies by iPhone app maker Edovia (known from Apple TV ads featuring Rocket Taxi) has been submitted to the App Store. It was a real joy working with Luc on this simple, straightforward, yet powerful currency converter.


I’m not sure about you, but before I had a build of Currencies on my iPhone, I used Google for my conversions between ten and twenty times each day (thanks to American clients and my love for Japanese collectibles). I am very happy to have something much more elegant now, and I’m eager to see this application hit the App Store to read user feedback.

It’s available right now, for $0.99 in the App Store: Click here to go open iTunes and go straight to the application page.

While working on Currencies, I also made some images of my new workspace. I get a lot of questions over email or twitter about the way I got my desk set up, and it’s been moved in such a way that I can now fully enjoy this year’s summer season without having to suffer ‘withdrawal symptoms’ from not being with my dear workstation. I got some really neat Japanese figures and mecha set up on it (some from Japanese clients), which I will blog about sooner or later.


Click here to go to Flickr and see more images of the figures and angles of the workspace. This setup with the Wacom Cintiq is really enjoyable; I can just put aside the bluetooth keyboard and (not-so-mighty) mouse and then just draw and doodle at my leisure. Splendid.

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    Nice setup, do you have a link for your desktop wallpaper?

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    Um, sure, although it’s just the stylized name of my computer (Eos) with a gradient background. Here you go.

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  4. Thanks to you, people will see how awful my website looks ;) Thanks for the excellent design! … Uh… Currencies design, not my website!

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    Hmm. Tapbots?

  6. For some reason, I envisioned you working on a MacBook Pro alongside an ACD. I guess it’s because it’s become somewhat the norm for several designers but you have yourself a sweet setup there already. Aesthetics on the app looks great. Looking forward to release.

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    Yep, I’ve used my Macbook Pro for almost 3 years. In the end I got a good desktop, however, as I really wanted to have some extra power at my disposal. Thanks!

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    the dutch guy 

    You’re on my blog: http://www.thinpaper.net

  9. This is one of those apps that I have no practical use for, but almost want to buy anyway just for the awesome interface.

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