06 Apr UI Drawing Week ’08

Uli Kusterer remarks how this week was full of visual UI goodness; from the blog post by Sean Patrick about designing and implementing resolution-independent Leopard-style buttons in Mac OS X, to the release of Icon Resource (featuring Alastair’s interesting thoughts on the videos in the package) and a podcast about making custom views.

I also found John Gruber’s ‘Firefox vs. Safari’ post interesting, being in my Latitude browser state of mind, as he prefers Safari over Firefox for its, yes, superior UI. I’ve complained about this before on the blog, and it seems I am not the only one.

Also, talking about interface design and resolution-independence, I hope you have not missed the video of Cabel Sasser’s C4[1] talk – he posted the slides and a Photoshop file used in the presentation on his blog this week. Be sure to view the video if you haven’t seen it yet!

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    I do not think safari has a “superior” ui, for me it’s the same quality than firefox, it means : we need a lot of improvements.