28 Dec System Preferences Goodie

A while back I also previewed a wallpaper made out of a personal experiment where I recreated Leopard’s awesome System Preferences icon at 2 by 2 meters. Since the detail is sufficient, people requested the wallpaper-sized version. It’s too busy as a wallpaper to my tastes, but with the older aluminium Macs, it’s fun to fullscreen it and create a really big System Preferences icon :)

Grab it here:

And yes, it also serves as a great first test of my inline blog download button!

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  1. 1
    René Boekhorst 

    Meesterwerk, Sebastiaan. Blij dat je dit “muurpapier” nu ook deelt met anderen.

  2. 2

    Looks great man, love the new site and the wallpaper. Don’t suppose we could get a version before cropping. Like you said it’s a little busy for a wallpaper but it is damn nice to look at and would love to see the full icon.

  3. 3

    Steve, I’ll see what I can do :)

  4. Nice wall! The inline download also shows up in Opera’s feed reader.

  5. 5

    Great work!
    Thanks for this!

  6. 6

    Thanks. It looks great! The inline download also works in Google Reader. :)

  7. 7

    Thanks for the sharing, I have seen this wall on you flickr ;)

    featured on guipulp.com: http://guipulp.com/2008/12/29/system-preferences-by-cocoia/

  8. Bravo, stunningly beautiful! Much nicer than my own cogwheels :/

  9. 9

    Amanzing great wallpaper !!

  10. 10

    Many of us have been waiting for it, so thank you very much for the release and have a very happy and productive new year!

  11. 11

    Nice wall Seb. Though I agree with you; too busy.

  12. 12

    thanks, amanzing great wallpaper. great work!!

  13. 13
    KOENIG Yvan 

    The same filling the entire screen would be fine for those whose Dock is displayed only on request.

    At this time it leaves a white area at the bottom of the screen.

  14. 14

    Sweet pic. Thanks!

  15. 15

    very fresh! thank you!

  16. 16

    Thanks, this is very cool.

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