14 Aug Lowlands 2008

Well, it’s that time of the year again, I’ve packed my bags and me and my girlfriend are off to celebrate 3 days of guaranteed fun at Lowlands 2008. Lowlands is a musical festival, with a huge line-up of artists, cultural events, and great food and people. It’s the third year I’m attending.

This year’ll be quite different than the last, as I’ll be taking my iPhone 3G, and I’ve also taken some time apart to make a beautiful and well-optimized web application for all attendees with iPhones and iPod Touches; LL4iPhone. With permission of the festival organisers, I could use some of their decals and branding in the app to give it a consistent feel. It was quite an interesting personal assignment to flex my poorly trained Javascript and PHP muscles, but it worked out quite nicely in the end. You can check it out at LL08.com (you’ll be automatically taken to the web app if you’re on an iPhone); it’s entirely free to use.

I will also try to update with pictures and text from twitter and perhaps even this blog post by using iPhone applications, if my battery levels allow it. If you’re at Lowlands, give me a call or email so we can meet up!

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4 Responses

  1. Hey, that sounds pretty cool. I like how the site looked like Apple’s official one too. This sounds like a fun event, wish I could go. :)

  2. 2

    Again your App’s icon is awesome

  3. 3

    That looks really slick. You should consider developing it even further and try to licence it out to other festivals as well. I’d love to have something like that for when Big Day Out (Australia) rolls around in the new year, and I’m sure it’d be a hit elsewhere too.

  4. 4

    Are you dead?