26 Mar IconResource delayed.

Due to problems with setting up the payment processing system, IconResource has been delayed by a week. I found this most disheartening and extremely annoying, but there’s very little I can do about this; it’s all in the hands of my payment institutions at this moment, so all I can do is wait patiently. Again, my apologies; I look forward to seeing you all when we do launch, in a week on April 2nd.

Edit; if you want to give some valued input, fill this one-question Google survey about the pricing of the pack. Your input is highly valued!

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    Shoot. :(
    Payment system? I thought it was free… :(

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    Dang I was hoping to possibly have this before I go on my cruise next week. I guess I’ll get it when I get back. Good luck getting that set up.

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    This is the internet, but you can’t have everything for free!

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    I thought it was for free too

  5. I was expecting it to be free too. After all, how am I supposed to know if I will like it or whether I will find it useful?

    I’d also say that the cheapest price is way to expensive.

  6. Considering the cost of billable hours of a graphic designer’s time, and/or the cost of buying reference materials or attending graphic arts classes and then not get icon-design-specific information, I’d say that pretty much any price listed on the survey is a huge bargain. My base dev rate is usually 40 Euro/hour, so 100 Euros is just 2.5 hours of time.

    IconResource is something that the Mac dev community has been very much in need of, and I can’t wait to see it. :)

  7. 7

    I think for the content and expertise that you get, this is a great deal at any price on the survey.

    And thanks for such a great comment, Matt. You’ve said it better than I ever could.

  8. 8

    Matt’s totally right. Sebastiaan’s gotta put food on the table too you know!

    The man already gives us great tips and hints through his blog, we can’t expect him to give away his secrets for nothing.

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    Duncan Wilcox 

    Icon resource might not be entirely like spending 4 years in graphic design school, but what if it helps you design your own application/website graphics, or get you started as an icon designer?

    I fully expect Sebastiaan’s work to be that good. This is not your youtube “10 tips to make millions with adwords”, but real training, tips and tricks straight from the horse’s mouth!

    A week of tech training can set you back €3000-5000, tech conferences are easily €1000 plus travel. Even €100 (the highest price in the survey) feels like a bargain.

  10. As a developer, I’d say this is a great deal. Would pay $50 for sure. Too much more and I’d have to hear some positive reviews first though. Hopefully you’ll let us see a part of the first movie so we can evaluate the purchase. I’m sure it will be great though.