13 Feb Click and Drag to your nowhere.

Where the Firefox 3 Beta is going, interface-wise. My opinion is; it’s going nowhere. Fortunately, Mozilla backs me up with proof.

Afbeelding 2.png

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  1. FAIL!


  2. 2

    i second that! lol

  3. 3

    This is why I don’t want KDE in OS X. People in open source doesn’t get design.

  4. 4

    well played sir.

  5. 5

    I suspect this is a localisation issue.

    The missing icon, is of course, a link to your Applications folder. If it wasn’t localised properly, it would be looking for the english word ‘Applications’ – and would be broken if that isn’t the name of your applications folder.

    When I downloaded the beta, it worked fine for me.

  6. Worked fine here as well…
    Like Christopher said, it could be a locale issue!

    Good luck with it! ;)
    /me loving FF3 (except the new theme.. errgg… I did reply to you on Twitter… you’re not getting those unfollower’s replies though ;)


  7. It can’t really be a localization issue, the path to the Applications folder is always the same, even when your Mac’s running in another language. Localized folder names are only displayed as such in the Finder.

    Personally, I think the UI isn’t the best for a webbrowser I’ve ever seen, but the basic parts (address bar, etc.) seem like a big improvement over FF 2, which seemed like a lazily ported X UI. Some of the stuff like the way URL suggestions are displayed are quite alien and weird, but at least the basic look of the window isn’t as painful as in the prior release.

  8. So why is FF going nowhere?

  9. 9

    Also, it’s still beta. :o)

  10. I still stand my ground in thinking that the FF3 beta3 UI is a big improvement over past versions of FF. It actually makes me want to use it again, though of course I will wait for the final build.

    This did amuse me though. Each to their own though eh?

  11. 11

    I still think firefox 3 is the most right webbrowser about security

    the new information box when you click on the icon website is wonderful

    something safari should do too

    there are stilll many little things annoying me in the mac version of firefox (some little interface stuff subtly different from an apple software)

    but the whole idea around the adress bar is the best thing done for user and security for _years_ beyond ie, safari, omniweb and opera.

    it’s good design here.

    my favorite webbrowser is still omniweb

    I still think firefox is the greatest on windows, and firefox 3 is a gigantic improvement on linux

    and no, I disagree, “open source” folks GET IT about design. Gnome 2.20 is in many way more simple and integrated than os X.

    it’s just elitist crap and bad juju about crappy unix software not designed for users.

  12. 12

    The direction the theme is going in Firefox 3 scares me. I’m not sure there is time to fix it, but in its current state it looks pretty sad.