27 Jan Cleaning it up.

Well, the old Cocoia.com has been retired forever. For the sake of history, here’s the old website design, which I did in the third quarter of 2007;


In its place will be this teaser page, until the new, dynamic combination of Icon Designer and Cocoia will be opened. I will assure you, it will finally be a logical place where you can easily find a lot of downloads and resources to download. The release be accompanied by the release of my Forgotten Mainframe and Orion Extended set – and oh, some extra’s.

Check out the new design and my favorite internet places on Cocoia.com – and I’ll see you all when the new site goes live!


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2 Responses

  1. 1
    Mr. Max 

    Hi Sebastiaan: as usual, great work. Your new website looks very clean and useful.

    You did it again

  2. Looks sweet, the teaser page is awesome. Looking forward to the combination of your portfolio and blog!