11 Jun Well, that sucked.
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I must say, that’s been a huge disappointment. So far, I have complained over every occurrence of the new standard at Apple to make UI captions in capital letters (see the iTunes sidebar), and some hardware trouble, but this is just insane.

I hope Steve is making a joke when he said that they had figured out a ‘sweet solution’ to development on the iPhone. It’s quite clear that making AJAX apps isn’t a solution at all. I’m extremely, extremely disappointed to hear that Apple is panicing so far as to deny even widgets to run on the iPhone (although we don’t know all it’s features yet, they’d probably say Dashcode is the IDE to go if that was the case). Obviously, the device will get hacked one way or another – but what do you think? Steve Jobs has just disappointed all developers on the starting keynote of the whole WWDC. Great job, I think that’s a first.

Think of everything we could have done; multi-touch image editors, interactive games, the most cool stuff you can imagine on the new multi-touch platform won’t become reality. We’ll have to rely on just Apple for the creation of apps.

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    Jen Right 

    You forgot about Safari on Windows though! Did you know that it renders pages 0.042 seconds faster than FireFox? It can even display webpages in tabs and it can bookmark your favorite sites. But how are they going to distribute such an amazingly new product to Windows users? Why, they’ll do what ever other company does – give it away free on the tubes! Steve Jobs is amazing! Who else can think of such a creative distribution strategy that lets users download a FREE web browser that lets you visit your favorite websites and render pages 0.042 seconds faster than FireFox! If you used Safari all day long, you would save AT LEAST 3 seconds/day on web surfing. Apple rules!

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    Kind of happy I didn’t purchase the Leopard Early Start Kit. I would have been more than slightly ticked had I purchased that, and not attended WWDC.

    Next up – Xcode for Windows?

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    Koji Nyak 

    I was hoping that they would open up the iPhone for more native apps. It looks to me that Apple was never planning on allowing developers to make apps for the iPhone but sense all the developers wanted to, Apple though up a quick solution. There thinking was sense the iPhone already has a web browser build in why don’t we tell the developers that they can make applications for the iPhone though the web browser. But is that what we really want? There is just so much that you can do with AJAX and if they would open up the iPhone to developers it would be the greatest phone ever made.

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    Indeed – íf they’d open it. Instead, they’ll rely on us going to write web applications. Which they didn’t! Why claim it’s ‘full Mac OS X’ if it can’t even run a third-party application?