05 Dec Uh, oops.
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Well, Mediatemple was kind enough to inform me over email that I would be getting an overage of $3851,- or more if I were to continue transferring data at the insane rate that I am. Yeah, Orion, the so well received set, has gone over a few odd terabytes now – something I can’t say has ever happened in my life as a website owner. I have, first and foremost, upgraded my server, but I think I might have to move to another hosting solution, or something like S3 for bulk data transfer.

Offering help, advice? Drop a comment if you will.

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    Of all the hosting for large transfers I’ve investigated, S3 has by far the lowest ratio of transfer to $$$ anywhere. Definitely worth a very close look.

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    You might want to try Amazon’s S3.

    love the orion iconset :)

  3. 1and1.com offers 3,000gb of monthly transfer volume for $19.95 a month USD. Plus they are a great host, never have problems with them at all.

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    This is afraid me.. make me thinking twice to make complete theme for leopard.

    Looks like no other solution than S3.

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    dezinerfolio had a similar issue with media temple, i think they ended up with the (dv) Dedicate-Virtual @ $50/mo!?
    here’s their story:

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    Maybe offer your downloads via BitTorrent?

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    I use 1and1, and they’re extremely reliable, although I deal with a much lower volume of data than you are, apparently.

    Also, I don’t know why more people don’t offer torrents for this type of stuff. With the quality of the items you offer, myself and others would gladly download, and seed for you. While it’s not a permanent, and 100% reliable solution, it can certainly take the pressure off of your initial distribution. Let me know if you take this path. I generally push about 3 gig per day, and would be happy to assist.

  8. I can offer some bandwidth aid; I’ve got 5 TB of bandwidth available (DreamHost, so yes, I know it’s not the MOST reliable host, but they’ve been pretty good to me.) Feel free to email me.

    Also, I can help via torrenting. Let me know if you want some mirroring help.

    For the long-term, I’d definitely suggest S3, their rates are awesome.

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