14 Mar Typographic Wednesday; Helvetica: The Movie, Wim Crouwel, and more.
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It’s Typographic Wednesday again, time for some nice insider news from the typography scene.

Helvetica; the movie has started showing! I am very excited and I will be sure to buy the movie as soon as it comes out. It’s already been dubbed ‘the most interesting movie on Graphic Design’, and has received general praise. Keep an eye on this movie, featuring the biggest star in typography to date.

The typographic blog Type for You has a nice interview with Wim Crouwel, a Dutch type designer who did works like the New Alphabet and Gridnik (both now for sale at the Foundry). He’s also, incidentally, from the same city – while I study in Groningen, he spent most of his life there.

Fabrizio Schiavi is a great type designer. He’s just released a new, beautiful stencil font that redefines the look of stencil. Meet Siruca;


Fabrizio Schiavi’s font portfolio includes the beautiful Sys, and CP Company.

That’s it, for now, some smoky words,


image by fliegender on flickr.

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  1. 1

    I love that stencil font, very stylish and convienent.

    The helvetica Movie sounds cool. I had a look on the Veer site for Showdates/times but they don’t seem to be showing the film anywhere in the UK. Such a shame as I would of liked to sheck that out.

    Yes, I too think that it’s a shame the showing isn’t broader. There isn’t a showing in a 600km radius, perhaps even more, which sucks. Anyway, I’ll do a review when I get the DVD, later this year.

  2. 2

    There will be screenings in the UK, but the dates are not yet available. From the official site, there seem to be screenings planned for at least Birmingham and London.