28 Nov To put in office:
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Just to remind myself of the power in our hands and the threads on which this world of ours hangs, I’m going to hang up a print of this in my office tomorrow.

nuclear_explosion 06.jpg

Efficient power. Incredible physics. And a press of the button could make this happen.

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    Paul Taylor 

    This a very powerful image to just look at. People should be more conscious of nuclear war, rather than living in their bubble of ignorance. I gain more worried and trouble by the fact that a war of that magnitude is just a button press away.

    Eisenhower is right, the on way to stop it, is to prevent it. But leaders of today don’t seem to totally understand the threat that they pose as well as those that hold warheads. They have too much of a fight fire with fire attitude.

    I became increasingly worried after finding out that Britain’s nuclear warheads had an arming lock that uses a bicycle lock key. Thankfully this has been changed, but it’s worrying how careless people with “power” can be.

  2. 2

    That’s a scary fact you present with the bicycle key. It’s astonishing how we can be so careless. I really enjoy having it on the wall now.