05 May Timezones 1.0 release announcement.
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Okay, people, I am gearing up for the final release. I am taking ten days to do the necessary bugfixes and tweaks, and here is a preview of things to come (one of them being the very hot black theme) and the official release date announcement. Since there were also a few questions over at MacUpdate, I will answer them in this post as well.


You can download the beta here for evaluation purposes. The final version will have a demo, but it will be somewhat restricted.


Timezones has no clear purpose. It’s no world clock. It’s no world map. What is it?
A: Cocoia Timezones was made to navigate timezones and quickly find out what time it is where. There being no open API for iPod development, the world map is made ‘interactive’ by making a series of images you can scroll though. The ‘world clock’ terminology was a mess-up from my side, and I’m sorry for that.

Why does the installer ‘phone home’?
A: It doesn’t. If you were to carefully scrutinize it, you can see the installer is fetching the first image of the installation process – namely a how-to for the installation. After that, no more connections are made, and nothing else is transferred. The internet image was embedded to later be replaced by a notice that the beta has expired and is deprecated.

(insert feature that isn’t in timezones here) isn’t in Timezones. Why?
A: There is no open iPod API for developing software.

I hope this clears it all up a bit. I hope you are enjoying the beta and look forward to perhaps a small beta update and the final release.

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    So you didn’t figure out how to display exact battery life huh? Not that it would be easy, of course, since apple doesn’t give any hints. There used to be an old hack to force the battery meter to display as a number instead of graphically, but I don’t think it’s worked with any recent ipods.

    I haven’t tried your app yet, but it seems to take advantage of the ipod photo ability, which at least one app before yours (Kolorwheel) has used before. Are there other vectors for third party development on the ipod?

    btw, the battery life on these new nanos are amazing, aren’t they?