05 Aug The contest has closed, Iconizement call for entries.
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Ahh, the contest! The response was quite nice. I have discarded 13 submissions today because they really, really weren’t (wherever you live) within the deadline. A neat 142 submissions remain. I have, honestly, already sorted them and I think I have my winners. The website will be up August 7th, as will the blog post with the winning suggestions and I’ll be sure to send out the packs on that date as well. Thanks, everyone, for the numerous input and perhaps until another contest.

I talked about Iconizements in another post, they basically entail small targeted ‘advertising’ on freeware icons. You ‘donate’ a given amount of money as, say, “Company X”, and the next icon set would be (example!) “Company X Potato Icons”, featuring amongst things a potato grater with Company X’s logo embossed in it. Since I want to introduce people to it, I want a few developing companies / individuals willing to give it a try. In this case, your donation is voluntary and there will be some small icon sets featuring the specifications I outlined above. To summarize: Get a bit of free advertising! Yup, right here, on my icons. Why don’t you drop me an email?

And be sure to get rid of those nasty _()_ signs in my email address. ‘Tis to fight the bots.

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