27 Oct Subliminal message or connecting random dots?
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Judge for yourself;


via Flickr.

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  1. lol, that’s hilarious. However, I can’t help but wonder, who has so much spare time to find stuff like that…. ;)

  2. 2

    lol, with so many dots all over the place you can write any message…… there is NO subliminal message… i could write anything else if i wanted too… just by connecting stars


  3. 3

    Subliminal message or eternal truth?

  4. 4

    the real subliminal message is in the CSSEDIT icon. you have to see it :)

  5. Check out the last couple paragraphs + screenie…Leopard’s default icon for a Windows machine is a monitor showing blue screen of death! XD http://www.luminousnerd.com/2007/leopard-is-here

  6. 6

    I would usually think its a councisidence but i’m still debating weather its subliminal. I tried to make my own word depending on other stars and honestly im starting to think its subliminal. Is that a Mac, Or HP background.

  7. 7

    Don’t mind. It’s subliminial

  8. 8

    What about a OSX. In the place of vista ?