02 Apr Praetoriwhat?
Category: Announcement

It’s been a pretty busy start of the month, and it also carried an excess of emails asking me what Praetorian really is. Now, to specify once and for all.


Wrapped in a sexy black UI (and I’ve done a lot of research on a working, non-intrusive black look), Praetorian intends to be your home or business network guardian. It’s easy to set up RADIUS or 802.1X authentication, manage users and routers attached to the network, scan the network, and do other operations. It’s compact, sleek, and easy to navigate. In it’s current stage, Praetorian has less than 20 megabytes of memory used, and the goal is to keep it lower than 50. But there is more!

Praetorian’s host of features comes to a blessing to any Mac user that is conscious of it’s networking security. It provides extensions to open-source tools, can graph the authenticating server’s logs, and will be maintained for a long time. Developed initially for the Academy of Arts, Groningen, the public beta will be seeing the daylight soon (sooner than iSight Expert). Beta registration is… still open! Email!

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