30 Jul Noble is ready, I’m not – that means a contest!

While my goal was to release my first stock icon set, Noble, today, problems with setting up the payment services have once again foiled my plans. I will now have to wait five to seven days to put it up. However, I found a use for the time we have to wait. First of all, you can now take a look for yourself.


Here are the 32 and 16 pixel versions. If you want, you can go take a look at the 48 pixel versions, and the very nice 128 pixel versions! (Big image alert!). Now, on to the contest.

Four free licenses for Noble, worth €99,- can be won in the contest.

I want to see what developers, stock icon enthousiasts and general audience needs in a stock icon set. What is missing that you want to see included? Send me your top requests and motivation at this address (be sure to put an “@” in there, eh, ’tis against the spambots), and in five days I will pick the four people who have hit the nail on the head.

A license constitutes royalty free use for life, with future requested icons (add-on packs) sent to you for free!. Of course, the requests will be honoured in the future and posted on the blog for people to enjoy (and verify that I did, in fact, give people the packages ). What are you waiting for? Send me some suggestions!

Edit: All submissions must be in before August 4rth, 2007. Submissions sent after this date will not be considered. Winners will be notified before August 7th.

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  1. 1

    Well, I see what’s missing if I would use this icon set for my application:
    I need to playback audio stream. But I have many audio parts in stream, so I’m using icon to go to next stream. It looks like >| and previous |

  2. My entry for the contest : the app I am dreaming of and gearing myself for (Does this actually mean anything ? lol) needs a “Full screen” icon, and I don’t see anyone in here.

    I mean one representing a screen with arrows clearly showing that this very button will expand your view to all the screen ! (Pretty much like the one in iPhoto)

  3. 3

    I see a problem with the set, or rather with the folder icons, the two with the gear overlay. The problem is the overlay is obviously vertical whereas the folder is obviously not. It’s not a hugely distracting problem, but it’s there all the same.

  4. 4

    Quickly viewing the collection i miss cars/mode of transport, entertainment (food/film) and nature. I also enjoy petrogliff/rock art primitive stuff. Good luck. 8/4/07

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