20 Oct New blog!
Category: Announcement

Cocoia is proud to announce the launch of the fourth major version of the Cocoia blog. As you might have noticed, it’s the first blog theme I made that took me over a day to complete. In fact, I dislike webdesign so much, that it took me weeks to get right. Now that every part of my blog looks exquisit, it is also time to spice up my posting frequency and the material I write about. A few of the additions are ‘read more’ links (introduced in this post), more legible text and logical separation of blog ‘functions’ and content.

To introduce you to this new ‘style’ of posts, I wrote a set of posts that should give you a good indication of what to expect coming from me this week, the next month and even the next year. I want to commit myself to more casual posts of interest to artists, programmers, geeks and designers (and perhaps you, too), without selecting a single pronounced theme to confine the material to. I know some of you have been reading since the time I made ‘typographic Wednesdays’ and posted daily. Since it has helped me get where I am now, I will resume general ‘link-posting’ as well, aside from frequent opinionating articles.

Please bear with me as I solve issues like the (sightly) off-colored and stitched footer. Found more errors? Like it? Let me know in the (utterly revamped) comments!

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5 Responses

  1. Beautiful. Absolutely phenomenal job, Sebastiaan.

  2. 2

    Love it too !

    Some textures are mis-aligned, like in the previous version, but the overall design pleases me very well !

    Like the color, too…

  3. 3

    Looks pretty sexy… not sure i like the color scheme, but that’s my personal taste about dark brown…

  4. 4
    Marie D. 

    Very pretty! Congrats!

  5. It’s looking great! I’ve noticed two bugs though:
    1. The background tile (sf-body.jpg) seems to have a 1px wide white or transparent edge. On large screens, you’ll notice it very clearly.
    2. The background tile doesn’t allign properly with your content background. If you don’t care about IE6, you might want to use transparent PNG’s instead.