15 Apr Nailed that poster.
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Wohoo, even more purdy images. I just had to show this one. It’s purrrrdy.
Dear iSight Expert and Praetorian Beta testers, there are some good things in the pipeline! I think I’ll do some updates tomorrow or in the next few days, perhaps release a definitive roadmap to releases.

My humble apologies for the extremely salt-less post I did yesterday, I really didn’t want to offend anyone with taste. It’s there for the stay. No more words on that.

Here is some homework I literally ‘let do’ in my sleep. Like I said to a classmate over IM; “it’s like a tiny Chinese fellow in a black box with Maya 6 and a keyboard shortcut for matrix extrude on fast-forward”. I’m taking suggestions to name this thing, I can’t seem to come up with anything better than the ‘Purdy-Image-O-Matic™”.

Without further ado, the poster;

It’s great to have the results of as little knowledge of these almighty tools we, as young coders of the ‘lazy’ generation, have — at least, I am just beginning. I haven’t ever used an Apple II. I didn’t write assembly on my 286. I did a lot of work with old stuff to compensate, longing for having been born in that age. It didn’t work out that way, so these days, I am just up in learning everything I think is great for expressing myself or making stuff work the way I want it to work.

Oh, before I forget, that’s a font I had to make for modular typography class. “Acreola”. I’m so carried away in this whole rant that I forgot all about that. What should I do with it? Burn it? Eat it? Give it with every odd copy of my software?

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