28 Oct Leopard; Less work for developers.
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I must once again graciously bow and thank Apple for taking mundane work out of my hands. Via Matt Legend;

We’ve all stolen Apple’s icons for things; now we’re officially allowed to. There are lots of new standard images available via NSImage -imageNamed:, including the Safari bookmarks image, all kinds of arrows, the gear icon, the Computer icon, Bluetooth and Bonjour logos, user account icons, the Info icon, and many more. The size of your app could drop significantly, as could your icon-design expenditure.


As could my monthly income! But no, I’ve got more than enough interesting work on my hands. Matt has a fantastic (and that’s a horrible understatement) write-up of some highlights in the Leopard feature lineup of developer tools and API’s. Read his long and bookmark-worthy post here.

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    That’s true? Lots of icons?! I just can use 10 to the toolbar… where u see bluetooth and others??