25 Apr iSight Expert has competition.
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Freeverse came out with Periscope, an application that, does the following;

* ‘scope your home when you’re out of town.
* ‘scope for intruders with motion detection.
* ‘scope the kids when you’re at the office.
* ‘scope a time-lapse movie of your workday.
* ‘scope for security.
* ‘scope for fun!

So, one could say this could make potential buyers or testers of iSight Expert compare the two. Before the speculation starts (and it’s bound to, since my app’s not out); there is a major difference between iSight Expert and Periscope’s design philosophy.

My application is focused on giving you control over what your iSight does; bascially, you could say it personifies a piece of hardware to do whatever the hell you want it to do; schedule it’s settings, take images on a very broad range of conditions. Perhaps the intended group of users is also different; my application has intermediate Mac users in mind with the urge to unlock their hardware potential, while Periscope looks a bit less like an application, and a bit more like a ‘game’.

In the mean time, I am in no hurry to release iSight Expert over increasing ‘competition’ — Praetorian is the application I will roll out first, and it will be followed by iSight Expert.

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    This application has so much potential! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to have the app take frequent snaps, map your facial expression on the still, and send the data to an animated avatar, like on Second Life….