04 Jun Growing icons, the Timezones price, and more.
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Icon Designer is growing. Actually, it’s surpassing Cocoia with only four days out. It’s daily traffic is astounding. I should make a badge on the next update saying ‘pushing gigabytes of icons’. It’s tantalising to realise that this page might rake in more visits than the blog one day (and trust me, that’s a lot of traffic)It seems everything is exponential lately; the Vienna icon surpassed the Wireshark icon almost instantaneously, and is now catching up to the wildly popular Preview replacement.

A few people have been hurrying to get Timezones before I change the page – not to worry, I have extended it a few days to let the sales cool down a bit and then I’ll start charging the new amount of money for the download. Timezones 1.5 is coming fast, and it’s going to be set at this standard price because of the new functionality. I think all users will be glad to see a free update and the opportunity to buy new themes with each their own functions.

News has really been on a roll lately. With the iPhone ads airing (hey, I might not put it into the blog that much, but man, I’d love to get one of those, I’m a human / geek too you know) and the WWDC a week away, we’re in for a very exciting time. I’ve seen discussion heat up around the topic of a new look for the GUI in OS X 10.5 Leopard. Speculation? Sure, but it’s not like the iPhone has all the normal aqua widgets. We’ve seen a very interesting slider that has a new ‘style’ of metal. Loss of plastic gloss, anyone?


Wow, Apple’s really got sophisticated with this new style they’ve got going on. I mean, we’ve all seen the filter bars of Mail and Transmission fame take over the iPhone UI, but this little detail is surprising. This could hint to new UI features we might see in the next week. Only Steve knows.

On a side note, I did want to bring it all a bit closer to the average Mac user, so here’s a little screenshot of what’s been lying around my disk for a while but didn’t seem to get finished.


It’s a makeover kit for VLC. Not just any makeover kit, a complete interface makeover kit with iPhone widgets. Nice, isn’t it? Perhaps I’ll finish it some day.

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    You have to !
    Finish it !
    Finish it !

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    The VLC theme looks decent, the only that could be a little annoying is the play/skip buttons being the opposite edge from the scrub-bar. The full-screen button, fine – It’s rarely used in conjunction with the play back controls, but surely the playback controls should be close together?

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    Why not modify NicePlayer instead? It’s already got HUD-like transparent black.