11 May Cocoia declares war!
Category: Announcement


When Cocoia reveals Cocoia Main, the world will know no mercy.

You are experiencing a deadly silence before the storm right now. The site, cocoia.com, will be home to Cocoia Labs, the portfolio of designs, various downloads and support pages, as well as your portal to all things Cocoia.

For anyone wondering what this all means past the hyping, I am rolling out some icon sets and helping some developers with new icons as well. For Leopard, we will need our trusty graphical friends to be big, very big. At least 512 pixels. So a lot of icons actually need redesigning. I see a chance to give all competition a run for their money. Let’s show OS X Tiger is still leaps forward of Linux. Let’s blow Vista’s oddball look out of the water. War has begun.

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