07 Jun Buzz.
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WWDC buzz. It’s everywhere. What will we see at WWDC this year? Well, as I am one of those unfortunate souls that can’t go this year, I’ll just do the most pathetic thing I can do; speculate about what we’re going to see. It’s also a bit of wishful thinking.

When it comes to hardware, ideally, a good headless Mac that’s cheap. I think Apple might be revamping the Mini for some good graphics performance in Leopard, and perhaps put it in a different price class. The iMac, I hope, will also see improvement soon. It’s a close call between those two, as the iMac will certainly get a good upgrade now that the Macbook Pro’s got it’s specs bumped.

And Leopard – ohh, Leopard. Yes, I am quite sure it will be truly amazing what Apple has in store for us at at the keynote. Rumours about a new look for the GUI aside, we’ve got tens if not hundreds of things to wonder about. Apple’s got us where they want us, curious to the point of biting our fingers off. Some pessimistic souls claim that there won’t be anything surprising for us in store, and as always, after the keynote there will be a crowd that expected miracles or something with religious significance and express their disappointment. However, I’ve got good faith and knowledge that this year will be amazing to all Mac users. From WWDC, it’s one straight run to the finish; Leopard on all Macs. And that’s what’s really getting me excited.

What do you expect to see this year? Or perhaps more truly, what do you want to see?

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    I am hoping for a very small laptop. It doesn’t need an optical drive nor big hard drive, just a good to fast video card, plenty of RAM, and 2.0 ghz processor (minus the heat issues, please).